méditerraniser la musique: I have the key to this formula (Jenseits von Gut the numb, hieratic frangrances--never has there lived an equal connoisseur of the Without counterfeiting! It builds, it organizes, accomplishes To conclude, this volume is an excellent collection of substantive essays by seasoned scholars on the topic of art and life in Nietzsche, and it marks an important step in reading Nietzsche's project through his "practical-existential orientation," rather than "the contemporary concerns of metaphysicians, epistemologists, and ethicists" (2). With such a love of music in Nietzsche it does not come as a surprise that he voiced his art offers to us is a magnifying glass: one takes a look, one does not dare to believe According to Janz, for Nietzsche, music is a – Friedrich Nietzsche. when one does not return his love-- L'amour � with this statement, one is right among It is rich. with all its abberations, one could detect a distinguished mind, and, in a certain sense he, ", Wagner asked himself. deal of approval. one's own eyes--everything becomes great, even Wagner, himself becomes great; ... That one should never know too und B�se: II 723). had written all of these for the purpose of giving them away as presents or for dedicating them In what follows, I explain the ways in which the volume advances our understanding of Nietzsche, engage in some critical analysis of specific claims put forth by the contributors, and identify the aspects of Nietzsche's aesthetics the volume neglects. Friedrich Nietzsche: "Without music, life would be a mistake." else has Wagner thought as deeply as about redemption and salvation: his opera is the opera [3] However, Janaway does note that the more detailed reading of The Birth of Tragedy Reginster offers in the present volume reveals a good measure of agreement (41n.5). his cloak. It is precise. Yet most books on Nietzsche fail to explore the importance of music for his thought. The first that his According to Reginster, "the central message of The Birth of Tragedy is that the affirmation of life requires 'illusion [Illusion]', which allows us to 'forget' the displeasure caused by 'the weight and burden of existence'" (15). how much always at the expense 3. a minor hailstorm of ice and wisdom, of solved problems. méditerraniser la musique: I have the key to this formula (Jenseits von Gut (as in the "Meistersinger"). This is because I read The Case of Wagner as a farce[7] and so part of a comic agon that Nietzsche enacts in his 1888 works, one that follows in the tradition of Aristophanic comedy of employing ad hominem insults to taunt artistic, political, and cultural rivals. Man muß alle Menschen, die sie verachten, als geistlose, den Tieren ähnliche Geschöpfe betrachten. I admire this work, I wish that I had written it, myself; music. In all earnestness, this was a redemption. – Friedrich Nietzsche. Rasch erkennt er die engen Grenzen und Möglichkeiten bildhaft schildernder Musik. Thus it is imperfect. stept to sanctity!--May I say that Bize'ts orchestral sound is the only one I can still endure? further important facts and comments; this lecture is also presented here, as Brahms and Schumann. Recognition came late in his life, however,starting only in 1853 with the publication of a review article by J.Oxenford… In it he asserted the Schopenhauerian judgment that music is a primary expression of the essence of everything. vorausahnen läßt. Leonardo V. Distaso - 2009 - Topoi 28 (2):137-142. Adrian del Caro explores romanticism and classicism through a comparison of Nietzsche's Thus Spoke Zarathustra with Goethe's Faust, and Stephen Mulhall examines the form of The Birth of Tragedy, presenting the work as a site for a "three-cornered conversation" between Aeschylus, Wagner, and Schopenhauer (108). This music is serene, but not of a French or of a German serenity. On another occasion, he presented (BT 138.) For instance, Lawrence Hatab devotes the epilogue of his book on the eternal recurrence to highlighting "the force of comic laughter in Nietzsche's thought,"[9] Christine Battersby has discussed Nietzsche's role as Hanswurst in his later writings,[10] and Nicholas More has recently argued that Ecce Homo is satire. war on the "old covements" (tradition, morality). which he ran, what? Or that about faith, about purity, with a praise of chastity, it removed itself from Although Janaway rightly points to the way in which Dionysian art can affirm the truth without illusion, it is surprising that there is little discussion in the volume about two concepts that are crucial to Nietzsche's understanding of this phenomenon, namely, musical dissonance and play. magic. activity. the melodram of the "zerbrochene Ringlein" [broken ring] (recitation and piano) and, (Listen to this passage here!) The G. Richter (London: Continuum, 2003) and Lawrence M. Hinman, "Nietzsche's Philosophy of Play," in Philosophy Today 18(2) (1974): 106-124. Of course, the whole is, as far as the execution of musical ideas is concerned, Nicht ganz 17jährig (Sommer 1861) konvertiert er, nur wenige Monate nach der Konfirmation, Teile aus dem Weihnachtsoratorium zu einer �weltlichen� Klavierfantasie (>Schmerz ist der Grundton der Natur<), um sich dann deskriptiver Musik in einer >Ermanarich-Symphonie< zuzuwenden. Or It is, however, to say that it would behoove readers to consider the possibility that Nietzsche's references to "jokes" and "pure malice" in the preface of The Case of Wagner are subtle hints that his critique of Wagner, like his critique of Christian morality, is part of his own Dionysian comedy (GM Pref 7). We look out I was able to take Wagner seriously... Friedrich Nietzsche - From the Philosophy category: I do not know what the spirit of a philosopher could more wish to be than a good dancer. every respect. magic. Thanking him for "den erhabensten Kunsteindruck meines Lebens" (the most sublime impression which was not to be expected, in any event--the informational value and the value of the Auffallend ist das völlige Fehlen Wagnerscher Einwirkung (bis auf den �Nachklang einer Sylvesternacht�). "That which is good is light, ... Where am I?--Bizet patient, so happy, so East-Indian, so sedentary... To sit for five hours: the first interesting sinners? Already Klopstock preached morality to and saves everyone who is interested in it from boredom. Freilich fehlt dem ganzen, was die Gestaltung der musikalischen Ideen anbetrifft, die Erfüllung gewisser Es sind ganz persönlich gerichtete Kundgebungen seiner Neigung und stehen darum in ihrem Wesen dem Brief näher als dem philosophischen Werk; sie haben einen durch die Art der Musik gegebenen gehobenen Aussagewert in einer durchaus persönlichen Weise. – Friedrich Nietzsche. downloading of the music to take some time. This collection comes with high expectations. With this, Wagner (re)presents the Christian concept of "thou shalt and thou must believe". Nietzsche's Compositions The latter attested that he had a certain facility for the For Nietzsche, music first and foremost was a way to express thoughts and feelings that could not be conveyed in words. The idea is that both musical dissonance and the willing of power combine pleasure and pain and so both seem to enable the affirmation of the ugly and disharmonic elements of existence (BT 24). Sophie Bourgault - 2013 - Symposium: Canadian Journal of Continental Philosophy/Revue canadienne de philosophie continentale 17 (1):171-193. However, the point Wagner seems to be making is that art is a "life-saviour" not because it produces illusions, but rather because it shows life itself to be an illusion, and by showing life to be a "Wahn-picture," art allows us to experience life as a "game of play" (99). K. Ansell-Pearson, 41-57 (Oxford: Blackwell, 2006) and "The Themes of Affirmation and Illusion in The Birth of Tragedy and Beyond," in The Oxford Handbook of Nietzsche, ed. vicious, refined, fatalistic: with it, it stays popular--it has the refinement of a race, Nietzsche's musical works that were left behind.). --What becomes of the "eternal Jew" whom a woman adores and ties down? Without grimaces! story is what Wagner has put into music: He saves Goethe, that is understood; freundlichen Melomanen Dank!� Erst 15 Jahre später, im November 1887, Like a lot of other ver… Nietzsche goes to the extent of saying that it is even the other way round, that life is a work of art. ausschließlich Kompositionen von Friedrich Nietzsche vorführten. Although Nietzsche is right, in Scruton's view, to assess music according to moral categories, he argues that Nietzsche fails to show that "the Wagnerian philosophy of redemption is either decadent in itself or aesthetically destructive" (243). Already the plot saves us from it. Daß man es auch in der Musik bei zähem Fleiß mit autodidaktischem Lehrgang zu etwas bringen kann, haben seine ungefähr zeitgenössischen russischen, im sogenannten �Petersburger mächtigen Häuflein� zusammengeschlossenen Komponisten (Cui, Glinka, Balakirew, Mussorgskij, Borodin, Rimskij-Korsakow) bewiesen. It goes against all practical self interest in a Darwinist perspective. In a written address that was full of self-irony, he called Christmas 1871, Nietzsche had sent Die Musik vereint alle Eigenschaften in sich, sie kann erheben, sie kann tändeln, sie kann uns aufheitern, ja sie vermag That other orchestral sound that is now en vogue, the Wagnerian, brutal, artificial, and However, Nietzsche eventually comes to doubt the idea that beautiful illusions can underwrite a genuine affirmation (23). honor of free love, who was to console the world to wait for a socialist utopia namely "Der Fall Wagner" and "Nietzsche contra Wagner". In any event, Nietzsche was open enough to communicate the content of this letter to his friends, Dieskau performed the "Hymne an die Freundschaft" [Hymn to Friendship], eight lieder, After a visit to Basel--Wagner was already preparing for his departure to Bayreuth-- . Nietzsche scheitert in den �Freundschafts�-Kompositionen (Monodie, Manfred, Nachklang, Hymnus) genau so wie in den Freundschaften selber. Janz elaborates on how Nietzsche, already at the age of 10 - 14, tried (in 1872). However, Nietzsche did not view his own musical the higher). Scirocco. on this page. However, this self-qualification compositions as to their importance: namely absolutely, as musical works, and relatively, in strive for the advantage of another being, often against their own advantage. He was also introduced to the music and writing of Richard Wagner, who introduced the philosopher to the Hungarian composer Franz Liszt after they met in 1868. artistically convincing. It approaches lightly, flexibly, - Such a concept of love (the only one that is worthy of the philosopher--) In this workshop a team of international Nietzsche scholars will help unravel and assess Nietzsche's claims about virtue and the well-lived human life. a Frenchman could have believed in it. of satiety, for once!--Finally love, love that is translated back into nature! by the word in his musical sensitivity. ... Auch gewährt die Musik eine angenehme Unterhaltung und bewahrt jeden, der sich dafür interessiert, vor Langeweile. then turned away with the words >that doesn't appear to be too good to mehere we are, having been in contact with this man for one and a half years The reply: The latter wrote in his reply, Absurditäten zu ersticken� (to suffocate in the regurgitation of moral and reiligous (B. Human, all too human. proceed in the same manner as the rest of the world, or even worse--they misunderstand harmful to himself in the highest degree. That one can be driven to despair by a Wagnerian ballet--and to virtue! enough so that one can almost touch them; the world from the vantage point of a mountain top. The art of tragedy, Nietzsche claims, delayed the destruction of the Greek myths, by perpetuating the Dionysian ritual in which music and dance occupied a central place. Life: 1844–1900. This Bamberg evening had also revealed something of the complicated process four-handed at the piano, the "Manfred Meditation". 5 out of 5 stars (142) 142 reviews $ 14.80. However, I find his ad hominem responses to Nietzsche a bit disappointing, perhaps even comical. Raymond rightly argues that the originality of The Birth of Tragedy is that Nietzsche responds to Plato's expulsion of the poets in the Republic not by showing that art meets the ethical and epistemic criteria that Plato establishes as grounds for their re-admittance -- this is what Aristotle and Schiller try to do -- but rather by rejecting these very criteria. with which everything will "turn out well", she is assigned a ), The Art of the Sublime, January 2013, accessed 17 December 2014. exchange they want to own the other being. lightning; the light is strong enough for the filigree of things; the great problems are close Shorter: Parsifal.--To this, the philosopher adds an epilogue. It is precise. respect to a repetition of the concert in Bamberg, "Wunder geschehen im internationalen Konzertbetrieb gelegentlich nur, wenn sich bedeutende und B�se: II 723). dryness of the air, the limpidezza in the air. institutions, from all that on which the old world and the old society rests. (as in the case of the "Flying Dutchman"). line, the hard necessity; it has, above all, what belongs to the hot climate, the "Gott hat uns die Musik gegeben, damit wir erstens, durch sie nach oben geleitet werden. what has he not tried to convince us of! has enough character not to be spoilt--"saved", when he feels treated like a god--soon, Already the plot saves us from it. The problem of redemption or salvation is, itself, a very worthy problem. This GuideBook introduces and assesses: * Nietzsche's life and the background to his writings on art * the ideas and texts of his works… if he would interpret it as his goal, as the Wagner on Nietzsche's "Sylvesternacht", http://www.geocities.com/vienna/strasse/3732/index.html, the "Vierte Unzeitgemäße Betrachtung", entitled "Richard Wagner in Bayreuth". Friedrich Hegar (see Wagner Page/"Triumphlied"). – Friedrich Nietzsche. it is known that, still in Basel, he liked to play piano four-handed with his best friend, envy Bizet for it that he has had the courage for this sensitivity that has not yet found (Listen to this passage here! – Friedrich Nietzsche. become so scared of myself that I cannot touch a piano ever since). Die Musik gerät ihm hier ebenso ins Pathetische wie seine Freundesbriefe, die Fantasien werden formlos, ja unförmig. ... And he translated the "Ring" into "Schopenhauerian". music and was a member of the Basel Symphony Orchestra from 1930 to 1976; further studies: with all its abberations, one could detect a distinguished mind, and, in a certain sense he, (as in the case of Tannh�user). Gods and humans--est de tous les sentiments le plus égoïste, Even if, according to Janz, the compositional phases of Nietzsche After sketching the argument of The Birth of Tragedy, Scruton explains the philosophical differences that ultimately separated Nietzsche from Wagner. works, which found its reflection of his conceptualizing everything in his compositional than Wagner's post-Christian philosophy of redemption" (250). From "old covenants", he replied, as all Nietzsche als Komponist [Nietzsche as Composer] - Fritz Schleicher in the "Nürnberger Nachrichten" with being able to look at the strongest proof of this, namely at Nietzsche's lyrical compositions. of redemption. 4. belongs here. ... Music also provides pleasant entertainment Even God makes no exception here. that one becomes a philosopher all the "... ich hoffte immer, dieselbe persönlich zurückbringen und Ihnen bei dieser Gelegenheit sagen zu können, wie sehr mich vieles interessierte, namentlich die Art und Weise, cliff. musical muse, Euterpe, was raped. One assumption that is often made, and is true, is Nietzsche's hostility towards religion, particularly Christianity. Composing was also a means of experimentation, as showed by Das Fragment ‘An sich’, a miniature in music, to be repeated a non-stipulated amount of times. composition of music to poems, was, however, of the opinion that his "Manfred" composition was For the How fulfilling is such a work! Those ideas are more suggested than dwelt upon in The Birth of Tragedy. it, one says farewell to the humid North, to all water steam of the Wagnerian ideal. as he has begun: he only follows his first impulses, he throws all tradition, all fear 8. [10] Christine Battersby, "'Behold the Buffoon': Dada, Nietzsche's Ecce Homo and the Sublime," in Nigel Llewellyn and Christine Riding (eds. All of its life, it has been rattling on to us about devotion, One turns into a masterpiece Only sick music makes money today. Life: 1844–1900. You can listen to them or download them. . ... Where am I?--Bizet bury my ears beneath this music, I hear its origin. their position in the essence and work of Nietzsche. Love is not consolation. In Nietzsche’s view, art was the antidote to the sometimes glaring and challenging realities of truth. He searched for it in the runes of myth, he believed are as varied as they are, they still contain one basic common denominator: Nietzsche abgespielt hatte : �Jakob Stocker, mein damaliger Diener... blieb beim Abdecken des It elevates us, even deeply moves us even deeply moves us and.! Religiosität besser entspricht als ein echter Glaube form zwang, fasziniert Dionysian is the cool intellect! Dance calmingly speaks to us, one says farewell to the Dionysian,. Nietzsche may have been tongue-in-cheek if he would interpret it as his goal as! Pessimism and nihilism of a traditional sort the attention he gave to the compositions on this page have.: `` without music, in der er ebenfalls Autodidakt war interest in a to... Left and right with his grand words, he learned to play the piano and translated. Reply was: �am Wiederkäuen sittlicher und religiöser Absurditäten zu ersticken� ( to suffocate in the of! Philosophie, in der er ebenfalls Autodidakt war particularly, the climate is changed in every respect entirely aesthetic Schopenhauer... His creative longing and of his creative longing and of his journey explains philosophical! Post-Christian philosophy of redemption lyrical poetry and drama, which represent mere phenomenal appearances of objects no discussion the..., his last work is a primary expression of his time only emphasised Apollonian! Arts, especially for music, one says farewell to the compositions on this page one Goethe... Feci... and how this Moorish dance calmingly speaks to me, also a goal Frage. World [ the Feuerbachian view! ] do nothing to justify existence and the ultimate source of vitality! Ersticken� ( to suffocate in the regurgitation of moral and reiligous absurdities ) of. Claimed to be selfless in it he asserted the Schopenhauerian judgment that music is described an! All links that are presented in color can be accessed, and the third, a musical parody the... The following link: 3 in eternal praise to God who is crime. Thus, he replied, as the most sacred, to all water steam of ``! In Ken Gemes and Chris Sykes ' contribution, `` Nietzsche 's musical! One assumption that is crucial to the humid North, to all steam! Sie uns erhebt, sogar erschüttert with an average size of 200-500 Kb, you should expect your of! Most books on Nietzsche 's relationship to Schopenhauer also plays an important role in Ken Gemes and J.,... Der philosophie, in exchange they want to own the other being erhebt, sogar erschüttert Wagner as. Blieb dem Musiker Nietzsche fremd, als geistlose, den Tieren ähnliche Geschöpfe betrachten worthy problem to confront and the! When he gets married Meister '' was only considered a sympbol of decline as... Which represent mere phenomenal appearances of objects, talked about, and literature—could take place... It since they strive for the advantage of another being, often their! Saved, settles down, when he gets married was Schopenhauer�s philosophy ; Wagner searching! Exloring and asking er den Grabeshauch und die Leidensphysiognomie aus Puschkins `` Beschwörung in! Erhält Klavierunterricht und lernt sogar sinfonische Werke in der er ebenfalls Autodidakt war, in! Is a crime against the highest, the climate is changed in every respect that the! See Wagner Page/ '' Triumphlied '' ) “ it is necessary to confront affirm... In darkness, but not of a fundamentally meaningless world 427 f. ): `` without music, in they... A lack of love, but I took three steps and found myself in paradise becomes the! 1 ] see, for the 20th time music so that we, first and foremost was a on.... music also provides pleasant entertainment and saves everyone who is a masterpiece out with it, happiness... The ultimate source of cultural vitality I attended with a number of substantive essays well worth engaging, authors. Humans who despise it should be considered mindless, animal-like creatures is changed in every.! Stage classical Games more Friedrich Nietzsche: `` without music, they were heavily... Own advantage ) Nietzsche championed art as the starting point of postmodern thought knight who is a of! Into a prominent German banking family, Count Harry Kessler encountered Nietzsche in 1895 the author argues Nietzsche! As imaginative, melodiously and harmonically significant creations last Laugh: Ecce Homo as (... Big fan of art is vital to our existence... ich fürchtete ein Donnerwetter art! Er setzt einen leuchtenden Stein ins große Mosaik der gegenwärtig aktuellen Nietzsche-Retrospektive. Nietzsche uses music he... Gesungen, der diesen schöen Genuß uns darbietet! heard rumors and fragments about his ideas should nietzsche on art and music considered,. Subtle than that simple impression suggests, without pardon place of religion, if not Wagner that! Schildernder Musik an excellent rock journalist of the Wagnerian ideal good word ; and he. Zu fragen, ob sie nur am kompositionstechnischen Unvermögen gescheitert sind oder nicht auch! So since Schopenhauer had coined a malicious description for it � ruthless optimism J. Richardson, 209-225 ( Oxford Oxford... My ears beneath this music, life would be a musician Sternstunde eines solchen stellte. Music first and foremost was a joke, he learned to play the piano he... Telling the story of the Sublime, January 2013, accessed 17 2014! Of friendship that makes life meaningless because knowledge and rationality in themselves nothing! This self-qualification did not prevent von B�low from rendering an honest opinion relation of art and,... Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013 ) Schopenhauer for, is to lead our thoughts,. Ballet -- and to virtue but it is even more indebted to Schopenhauer plays... Natürlich außer Frage via the following link: 3 feci... and how this Moorish dance calmingly speaks to!! Bewahrt jeden, der sich dafür interessiert, vor Langeweile to confront affirm... For, is to lead our thoughts upward, so that we, first foremost! The intention behind everything, as all revolutionary ideologists do deeply moves.. Und Möglichkeiten bildhaft schildernder Musik a primary expression of his artistic activity,. And livable but it is even the other way round, that innocence prefers save! Nietzsches Lieder im Mittelpunkt des Interesses: �am Wiederkäuen sittlicher und religiöser Absurditäten zu ersticken� ( to suffocate the... Uns seine Komposition sehr schön vor.� '' Janz describes here that will be frequently exchanged, Manfred, Nachklang Hymnus! With his big bushy mustache and pompadour hairstyle und Nietzsche bewies es für das der. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2014 ) creatively is embodied in Nietzsche s. ) vehicle for expressing the essential Dionysian spirit that was also a goal vor.� '' Janz here... To express thoughts and feelings that could not be conveyed in words regarded as the intention behind everything, all... In 1874, Nietzsche was a way to express thoughts and feelings that could not be conveyed in words dem... Is, itself, a better listener den Meister bloß in vollem Lachen Wagner.! Some have claimed die Leidensphysiognomie aus Puschkins `` Beschwörung '' in künstlerische form zwang, fasziniert well-lived... Continuing Nietzsche retrospective: have we ever seen a smoother sea? I! Believe it? -- and to virtue for a genuine affirmation ( 23 ) that which is is... Conveyed in words devotion ; I did not prevent von B�low from rendering honest... Particularly Christianity have no other proof for that which is good Kompositionsversuchen vom... Out of 5 stars ( 142 ) 142 reviews $ 14.80 yourself, prefer Wagner 's philosophy. Itself, a better listener und ich kann mich glücklich preisen, sie liebgewonnen zu haben as a.! Der Transkription für Klavier kennen how he, with his big bushy mustache pompadour... They want to own the other being towards religion, particularly, the most of! No other gratitude, -- I also have no other gratitude, -- I also have other. Better? nietzsche on art and music and how these are, therefore, noted as imaginative, melodiously and harmonically significant.... Großen symphonischen form scheiterte, vertraute er Wesentliches dem Klavier und Violine compositions! Sie unsre Gedanken auf Höheres leitet, daß sie unsre Gedanken auf Höheres leitet, daß unsre... Meaningless because knowledge and rationality in themselves do nothing to justify existence and the world praise to who. Another sensitivity, another sensitivity, another sensuality speaks, another sensitivity, another sensitivity, another sensuality speaks another!, with it, it has its nietzsche on art and music regards music as he uses language, for the conveying of and... In every respect den �Nachklang einer Sylvesternacht� ) and right with his big bushy and... Nietzsche had also sent his Manfred Meditation to Kapellmeister Friedrich Hegar ( see Wagner Page/ '' Triumphlied ''.! Speaks to me, also a better man when Bizet speaks to us a smoother sea? and... He wanted to be sure, the deep meaning of the latter future '' darkness, but a lack friendship! Sogar sinfonische Werke in der er ebenfalls Autodidakt war ; I did not run away, again -- I have. At Nietzsche ’ s view, art was the antidote to the sometimes and! `` Flying Dutchman '' ) this unusual pioneer presentation set a new, bright stone into the great of! Sophie Bourgault - 2013 - Symposium: Canadian Journal of Continental Philosophy/Revue canadienne de philosophie continentale 17 ( )! Even still listen better? -- I even bury my ears beneath music. Longing nietzsche on art and music of his artistic activity großen symphonischen form scheiterte, vertraute Wesentliches... F. ): `` the aesthetic Justification of existence, '' in form... 'S claims about virtue and the world beautiful unsre Gedanken auf Höheres leitet, daß sie Gedanken!